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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

San Diego Temple...

On our way to Sea World we drove by the San Diego Temple and I had to take some pictures. Look at all that scaffling! I've never seen anything like it....its almost completely covered  but its all not touching the temple walls at all. Amazing. Im not sure what kind of work they are doing but my cousin did say that one of his friends just got married there and they didnt let them know this was going on...SAD! I wonder how their wedding pictures turned out. 

( Pictures were taken in the car as we were on the freeway haha hence the poor quality )

Well today I had a couple of lady's stop by my house, they are from the Jehovah Witnesses Church ( I'm not sure if that's exactly what they are called ). Anyways they have come by before and one of the lady's is sooo super sweet. She always remembers mine and Preston's name and she just makes me feel like she cares. Well I've let her come in my home a couple of times and they always want to share some kind of message which I don't mind at all BUT I'm starting to get the feeling like she thinks she can convert me. haha. I've really given no indication of being interested in their church, they ask me if I agree on some of the things they say and most of the time i agree ( its always something to do with the 2nd coming and wicked people and how the world is becoming so wicked...which is true ). BUT I definantly believe in my Church and their teachings and one of the things our church believes in is being Christ-like to everyone. I don't want to be rude and just tell them to leave like alot of people do ( i think part of that comes from stories from my hubby and daddy and all those boys that serve missions for our church...people can be so mean. ) I just don't want to lead them on i guess? How do I tell them that I know "my" church is true and that I'm not interested in switching? I think I'm also afraid of getting in an arguement about it, I know I could defend myself and my church but I just don't feel like fighting over it. How would you handle this situation?


The Lewis Lovebirds! said...

just say a little prayer and bare your testimony! Tell them you are glad they found happiness in thier beliefs and you have found hapiness in yours and can't imagine your life without it, that your life is complete? Im no pro missionary but i think that may be a pretty easy way to let them down. (then ask them if they want a copy of the book of mormon;)love you!

Katelyn Huntsman said...

Your family picture is soooo stinken cute! I really can't wait to see you guys again someday ha ha... It looks like you guys have had so much fun in California. Preston is so adorable and getting so big I can't believe it!

Kacie said...

Yes. Bare your testimony and they will feel your spirit whether they feel the same or not. Its so hard with things like this though. I work with a lot of non-members and sometimes they can say mean things about us and I try to stay as kind as possible while I defend the church but I dont think Heavenly Father would want us to get in an argument ya know? So although they dont believe or understand what I say, I still love them and am there friends so they know that they can always come to me with questions but that I won't push. I think you just have to tell them that you love their friendship but you have a ery strong testimony and it can not waver. Tell them about Eternal Families!!!