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Thursday, May 6, 2010

First Dentist Appt...

( Preston - " who the heck is this guy!!" )

Today was Prestons first visit to the dentist! I worked as a dental assistant before i had preston and i learned and realized how important it is for children to visit the dentist every 6 months starting at 1 years old. You wouldnt believe the poor babys that would come in and what pain they would be in because the parents werent doing a good job and because they never got there teeth checked out...their kids would be crying, running fevers and the parents would have no idea what was wrong untill they took them to the doctor who then sent them to the dentist. It just makes complete sense to me but i guess it doesnt to everyone. Unhealthy teeth and gums leads to an overall unhealthy body. Take care of your teeth people! haha

( This is us getting Prestons xrays taken...he threw a fit of course haha! )

It was so fun to see all the girls and of course Dr. Abdoll who I used to work with. I love that office...maybe im biased but i think its the best pediatric office around. Well I got to see prestons xrays and which teeth are ready to come down...he should get 4 more really soon. His 4 teeth look great with no problems! Im so grateful for my very healthy little boy!

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Taylor and Amanda Lines said...

ummm kay im a bad mom cuz rayce still hasnt been to the dentist! i have been preggo for too long, and he wouldnt be able to be xrayed with me! i WILL take him right after i have this baby! haha