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COON FAMILY - Spencer, Chelsea, Preston & Lylah

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Goodbye Fish...

On Sunday when we got home from California I noticed that our fish tank was leaking. Luckily we got home in time to take care of it. Well our fish have been kind of a pain in the butt lately now with Preston getting bigger. We don't have a real good place for it in our house and where we had just looked ugly and had bothered me since we moved in haha. So we decided to just get rid of it and the fish. 

We took them over to Freestone park and let them free. For some odd reason I was kinda sad to see them go...its not like i even payed much attention to the fish but we had them for about a year now ( our longest living fish by far! ) I hope they survive! 

Well we also took preston to the swings while we were there...he had fun!

On another note...Last night Chelsea, Delgean, and Levi Fillingim were in a car accident on their way to mutral. Delgean is in the most critical condition, there is only a slight chance that she will make it. She was airvacked to the valley and has made it through the night. Her and her family are in need of lots of prayers. This family has been my neighbors all growing up, they have been in my ward, and i babysat them when they were younger. They are such a sweet and wonderful family and I love them all so much. Please Please pray for them. Thanks.

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Taylor and Amanda Lines said...

aww no more fish! you guys are so nice to take the fish to freestone! sadly if it were us they probably would have ended up in the toilet. i think that's why we wont ever have any pets! :) your family pics are so cute too! LOVE THEM! and i love that book ps. we need to get together this week!