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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last Day = Sea World...

Our last day of fun we drove to San Diego and went to Sea World. We thought Sea World would work out better than a theme park because we didn't want to take turns riding rides alone. And Preston loved the zoo so we figured he'd like this too. Well....that wasn't the case. He was pretty grouchy almost the entire was a saturday so it was a pretty packed house so we couldn't just let him down...he had to be held or in the stroller all day. And that didn't make him too happy at all.

He loves water so he was excited to play in it while we touched some scary looking sting rays, we saw dolphins and whales. Spencer was really excited when he found out there was an aquirium of river monsters ( one of his new favorite shows now is river monsters ). That fish hes pointing to is some kind of alligator fish. That aquirium wasn't busy at all so we let Preston down and he pushed our stroller and climbed up to the tanks to try and hit the fish haha.

Me and Spencer LOVED the Shamu show. Its amazing what they can teach them to do...not to mention they are sooo cute! Well Preston hated the show...he didn't want to sit still at all so that's pretty much the only show we saw :(.

One of the bad things about going on vacation alone is that we have no one to take family pictures for us! I love having pictures of all of us but that was a hard thing to come by on this trip! Oh well, what can you do!

The top right picture was so know those ice caves in the polar bear exhibit? Well we sat him in it to take a picture and he starting freaking out thinking we were gonna leave him in there or something...gosh this boy was having a break down all day. I don't think I got one picture of him smiling. Though he did smile...sometimes haha!

Look at this grouchy face! Haha Spencer says " this isn't a real vacation, Preston is happier at home! Next time were leaving him..." haha when are you taking me on a romantic trip honey!? 

Though it sounds like we didn't have that much fun haha we really did enjoy ourselves. Preston was a mess and a grouch but we were together and we made it fun anyways!

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