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Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to School...

Spencer mentioned to me yesterday morning how funny it would be if I took back to school pictures of him every year...He was kidding BUT to me it was a great idea. So I wouldn't let it go and I made him stand by the door and let me take one of him. He wasn't very happy about it and therefore made it super cheesy. But I like it anyway!

Spencer started ASU yesterday! He still has such a long road ahead of him but finally being at a University feels good. He will be here for 2 years until he receives a Bachelors degree in Kinisiology. Then he'll move on to a specialty school for Physical Therapy which takes another 2 years, plus 1 year of internship. Wow 5 years...seems so long! Anyways Spencer doesn't like ASU too much already...classes are huge, parking sucks, traffic sucks, and it costs SO MUCH! I guess they doubled tuition from last year...thanks ASU. He's only taking 2 classes "at" the college but he still has to be there Mon-Fri. And he's taking 2 elective classes online. One of the classes is a "intro to parenting class" that I'm actually really into so I think I'm going to do it with him cause that stuff really interests me...haha I wonder why!

Well I also just want to say how proud I am of Spencer. He works SO hard. He's able to provide a living for our family, he gets straight A's in school ( I think he's gotten 1 B his whole college life ), He does great at his church callings, and is the best hubby and daddy ever. Everything he does he gives it 100% and he always succeeds. I love you Spenc and I'm so proud of all you do!

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