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Friday, August 13, 2010

Grand Canyon...

Yesterday we spent our day at The Grand Canyon. Me and Spencer both hadn't been there since we were little so we didn't remember it all that well. We had a lot of fun! Preston was surprisingly very good...he wanted to do a lot of walking by himself and he liked to go his own way haha. It was pretty warm though...I was hoping for colder weather but oh well!

The views are amazing and I don't think I've heard as many different languages as I did there! You think Disneyland is bad...haha not even close! And it was way busy for a Thursday....we were debating on going Thursday or Saturday and I'm so glad we went Thursday...I cant imagine how busy the weekend would be.

This was inside the was really cool!

Of course Preston is bawling in our only family picture haha! We ended up having a great day that really wore us out!

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Corinne and Justin said...

It looks like you guys had fun!! I havent been to the Grand Canyon since I was like 5.. so I dont really remember it at all, It would be fun to go again! Well you have such a cute family! love youu