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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Movie Time!...

Last week Spencer talked me into buying him a new xbox 360. I didn't know how cool these new ones actually were...its wireless and connects to our internet!

I would still rather have a Wii...I love playing Mario and Donkey Kong and there interactive games like bowling and boxing...BUT Spencer just cared about Call of Duty. I still don't really understand buying a whole game console for one game but whatever. Anyways...this xbox hooks up to our internet and links with Netflix!

Netflix is my new favorite thing...not only can me and spenc find all the seasons of shows we've been wanting to watch, they have lots of older movies that you just can't find at a stupid redbox ( dumbest invention ever in my opinion...those things never have a good selection and my movie is always scratched! ) I just hop on the xbox, pick a movie and watch instantly! Its almost like owning all those movies...I can watch them anytime i want to and its NEVER scratched! 

So yesterday me and Preston ate lunch on my bed and watched Monster, Inc. While I was looking through our kid movie selection I found The Land Before Time...I LOVED that movie...that I'm sure will be next on our list!

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Brandi said...

cute baby and beautiful mommy