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Monday, August 9, 2010

A fat lip and Nursery...

Saturday morning just after I had gotten Preston out of bed we went into the kitchen to get him some milk. As I was pouring the milk, Preston decided to try and get into the little highchair that hooks onto a chair. It was sitting on the floor and the tray was connected. Needless to say he couldn't get himself in and fell forward slamming his poor face into the tile. I ran over noticing his mouth was bloody and cleaned him up. I was so afraid he did something to his front teeth since they were just covered in blood but luckily his teeth were fine but he bit his lip pretty dang bad. There is also a little mark on the side of his nose, above his lip and his lip is definitely fat. Poor baby! He doesn't get hurt very often so this was hard for me...

I am in nursery and so I have been taking Preston with me lately. He's not quite old enough to be in there but its kind of dumb for us to both miss all the classes ( because if spencer has him hes just chasing him around in the halls ). So he's been with me and he's been doing pretty well. His favorites are snacks and playing with toys...he has a hard time sitting still for lesson and coloring time and for singing time haha. 

The other kids like him...until he hits or throws a fit...we've got some work to do in those areas. But I actually love the time he gets to play with others. This sounds mean but I like that hes learning to cope when another kid steals his toy or knocks him over. He's a little spoiled and a little rotten so i think this is REALLY good for him. Isn't he adorable in his little shirt and tie? haha I LOVE it!

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