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Friday, March 12, 2010

Boys and their Cars

What is it about cars that boys just LOVE? I mean dont get me wrong...I really like ALOT of cars and new car die for! But I am not obsessed like all the boys in my life. Well Preston is following well in the footsteps of his peers. He loves playing with cars and he stares at all the cars driving by...they are just so interesting in the eyes of this little boy. Weve been playing "cars" lately and ill roll it to him and hell "hit" it back to me haha. Hes SO much fun to play with. Especially looking at that adorable grin of his with those little teeth poping up! And his cute little laugh is so addicting! I dont know what id do without this little boy brightning up my day. He makes cleaning, cooking, and errands soo much fun.

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Andrea said...

Chelesa, Preston is adorable! I love that he is getting into big boy toys.
I also love that you are on a cleaning kick.......I need some of that to rub off on me! BTW- will you teach me to collage pictures? I've been wanting to learn forever! Let's talk...