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Friday, March 19, 2010

Saguaro Lake...

I think this picture was perfect at capturing preston today at the lake. He didnt really enjoy himself...he HATED his dumb life jacket and really i cant blame him. I HATE them as well. Usually we go to a private lake (if you can even call it a lake) its really shallow and no one is ever on it and we dont make him wear the life jacket...but today we went to saguaro and he HAD to wear it. Although it did make for some pretty funny pictures...poor baby could hardley move! We really need to invest in buying one for him that maybe isnt so they really still make them this puffy haha!? I think spencer wore this life jacket when he was little.. haha im joking.

He was a "natural" at driving the boat though...

I really tried to take some pictures of spencer wakeboarding but with my "dinasour" camera that takes 5 minutes to actually snap a picture and my crazy 10 month old boy I didnt take very many and the ones that I did werent the best. So these were my favorite 3...he did awesome though! Especially considering how choppy the water was. Im debating on whether i want to try and learn to wakeboard again... I tried once like 2 years ago and i sucked! Ever since then I just havent wanted to try ...but i just think it would be cool so Im kinda hoping to before I get prego again!

Im really glad we were able to go though...we didnt really get a spring break this year which totally sucks. Spencer did have off of school but everyone else he works with took the week off so spencer had "double duty" all week long so it was just like a regular week for us. Im really glad he was able to at least have today off to go to the lake and spend some time with us!

Oh and we also saw a car/boat! It was so hilarious...we pulled up to drop the boat off and this car just drove right into the water! I have never seen anything like it so I had to snap a couple of pictures! haha!

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