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COON FAMILY - Spencer, Chelsea, Preston & Lylah

Monday, March 15, 2010

Daddys work...

Me and Preston had to go shopping at the chandler mall today...we needed to get my mom a birthday present and preston needed some new shoes. Hes starting to move around alot and he slips alot on the tile cause all he has is socks and for a while now i havent been able to fit his chubby feet in any shoes so we went and got him "fitted" today and hes actually in a size 4 but he needs "wide" shoes haha but they fit and they look super cute! Well since we were already out that way we did a little errand for Spencer and then we went to his office to visit him.

He was kind of a mess though...he just wanted to grab all the papers and push all the chairs around so we had to be creative and we twisted him around in the chair and he played with cars. He enjoyed it though...its not very often that we get to spend time with daddy during the day :).

He sure does LOVE his daddy...and so do I!!! Thanks spenc for all you do for our little family. Were SO proud of everything you do.

P.S. - Today is my father in laws 48th birthday!!! Happy Birthday Ron! We love you so much!

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Kyle Katie and Talen Slone said...

ah its always nice when they get to spend time with daddy :) He is getting so big I cant believe it! Adorable!