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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Family History Photo Book

These are pictures of ron and debbie growing up...the 2 on the bottom are really old ones of ron when he was a baby...its so fun to show them to spencer because hes never even seen them! He was a cute chubby boy haha.

Im really excited about putting Ron and Debbies pictures together and making it into a book. They have some really cool old pictures of them growing up and dating. I love family history stuff. But i realized yesterday that this project is going to be a long and hard one. Since the pictures are so old and the color is gone Im taking them to get them scanned and fixed and put onto a cd. Once they are all on discs Im going to create a book on blurb of them growing up and then ending it with their wedding pictures. Im really excited because were going to have a book printed out for each of Debbies kids so they will forever have some family history photos. After that book is complete though were going to start making books for debbie, of all the rest of her pictures of her family growing up to the present day. And as Im making the family books Im going to be making a seperate book of just spencer growing up that I can print off for myself so that our kids will be able to see pictures of their daddy when he was little. Well... this sounds all fun and dandy...but it takes FOREVER to scan each picture in and fix each one AND they only let you scan in 24 pictures to 1 disc. I was there for 2.5 hours with my baby who was NOT HAPPY about just sitting in a store while i try and get this done. I ended up only getting 3 discs done which is only the pictures of debbie growing up. And Ron has alot more than Debbie them dating and their wedding and that would only be for the first book! ahhh....I really need to just take them all to a place where they will do it for me...DOES ANYONE KNOW OF A PLACE...HELP! Im hoping that when they are on discs this will get easier because once im done with debbies I really want to do my side of the family as well....i think this may take me years...wish me luck.


Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

I totally know what your going through! I helped my mom scrapbook her boxes of pictures a couple of years ago and it took forever!! I love your idea of doing a book of Spencer growing up, I've wanted to do that for Danny. I'll have to get his pictures from you so I can scrapbook them in the summer when I hope I'll have more time...

Tyler and Kendyl said...

YIKES! Sounds like a lot of work but will be awesome once it's done :)

Will you tell Alyssa to invite me to her blog?? THanks!

Debbie West Coon said...

Ha ha! Okay so the pictures are a little old but be careful young lady who you're calling old. I just ran 2 miles up hill and did 30 (15 the guys way) pushups and 50 situps. I can do 100 situps! So go a little easy on the old picture business. :) I am so excited that you're helping me out with this. I have never trusted anyone with our pictures before. Without you though, it wasn't going to get done. I will owe you big time! Let's find a time that I can come over this week.