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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My little Jockey...

Doesnt he look like hes on a race horse or something haha? This boy is trying to get somewhere fast!

Thats how I just realized my life is going...way too fast. My mind set is always "I gotta do this tomorrow" and " I cant wait for May so we can go on some kind of vacation" but as Im driving home from a busy day I look back into the little mirror ( a mirror in front of preston so I can see him while im driving ) I see preston smiling and talking to himself. I cant express how much I love this time in my life. Im really so happy right now and I need to stop worrying about whats going down tomorrow or even months from now and enjoy my life today. Preston is 10 months old...he'll only be 10 months for 1 month. He changes so fast, i wonder what hell learn this month? I know there is so much joy to come in the future but I would live these days over and over with a huge smile if I could.

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Kyle Katie and Talen Slone said...

He is just way to dang cute!! I want to meet him :)