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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My little green and little makeup monster

I have been on a cleaning kick lately....theres just SO much to clean and get organized that it is overwhelming at times. I feel like I do one thing but i still have about 100 other things on my list. But yesterday I used my new favorite thing...the bissell little green! I deep cleaned my couch and love was way more dirty than i thought...YUCK! You should have seen the black water...but thankfully its clean now and hopefully soon Ill be able to buy the couch covers Ive been dying to get so my couches will look TEN times better. I also have little stains in my carpet that Ive tried scrubbing countless times but yesterday i used this and it took them right out...oh how I love this machine!

We had a little scare this and spencer were both getting ready and preston was just crawling around playing with some of my makeup...( that was closed tightly ) anyways I turn around and somehow he had opened my covergirl base makeup and he was sticking his fingers in it and shoving it into his mouth!! I freaked out and grabbed it...tried getting it all out of his mouth and washing his hands off and immediately called poison makeup poisonous? I had no clue...well the guy told me that he would be fine just to watch him and if he ate enough of it he may throw it up...poor baby! He hasnt acted funny or thrown up so hopefully he wont and he didnt swallow much. But no more playing with makeup thats for sure!

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Brandi said...

haha i have poison control saved in my phone now. I am glad he is ok and i think i need a bissell little green