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COON FAMILY - Spencer, Chelsea, Preston & Lylah

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Friday night we had some friends over at our house to play some games. One of the couples has a little boy named Dallin thats only 3 weeks younger than Preston. Its so funny how each baby is just totally different and at different 2 are the same thats for sure haha. Well preston was a little giant compared to sweet little Dallin...they were really cute together both really interested in eachother. Its so fun to watch Preston with other babys...sometimes hes really good and wants to play and other times hes just not into it haha. Well we played Disneys scene it and it was alot of really not that good haha but we had a really good time...Im glad we finally got together with Dan and Carly and it was really nice to meet Caseys wife Andrea. Most of the time were kinda boring and we spend our weekends with eachother and just rent movies or something...( not that i mind, I LOVE spending time with just our little family ) but its nice to chat with other couples too!


Brandi said...

So cute chels! It is so nice to get to do something with other couple everyonce in a while!

Lanfords said...

We had a blast! It was so nice meeting you and Preston! :)