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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Prestons walking lion...

I know ive said this before but I cant believe how fast this boy learns something new! I mean really he just barely learned how to crawl like 3 weeks ago...

Yesterday he started to walk with his little walking lion! I couldnt believe it! He does it all by himself...hes so funny about it too. Hell walk untill he runs into a wall or the couch and then throw a fit cause he cant move...he hasnt gotten turning down just yet haha! I cant believe how cute it is to watch this little guy walk around. Its been soo soo fun to watch him. I got it on my video camera but blogger wont let me download it on here...ive been trying all morning and i finally got fraustrated enough to give up. I may try and video it on my camera instead today and see if i can get it to work cause i know my mom would LOVE to watch it. So Im trying!!!

I also had to take a picture of the mess he makes wherever he goes. He leaves a trail of mess....haha

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