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Friday, December 17, 2010

Birthday Dinner #1...

Benihanas gives out a 30.00 free birthday dinner if you sign up for their birthday club but you can only use it Mon-Thurs. I have never been there before but Spenc has and he said it was really good. So we ended up going with his parents and Danny and Alyssa. It was really good!

It was almost like a dinner and a show. They threw their knives and made a heart out of the rice haha it was really entertaining!

Ron was pretending to be the chef! haha

Preston gave me some birthday kisses!

I think this is SO adorable of Danny and Alyssa!

We just love these two...thanks for taking us out! 

Me and my love...the lighting in our pic is sooo weird :(

All of us! So we just love our Preston to death but I think this is the last nice dinner we take him too...he is just a wild thing haha...we will have to start getting babysitters! The food was good and the company was was a good night and a fantastic first birthday dinner haha!


Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

Yay for birthday dinner #1, hopefully we'll be able to go to birthday dinner #2 with you guys too :) Haha yeah Preston wasn't as into the "show" as the rest of us were but look at that little face in the last could you leave that at home haha. Happy early birthday!

Nichole said...

Happy Birthday Chelsea! I died laughing when I saw that picture of Ron! I am going to have to show that to my mom! :D

Amanda Lines said...

I'm sad we didn't do anything. I hope you had the best birthday!! :) ps you can always call us to babysit!!! I would love to have him come play for reals!