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Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Birthday Celebrations...

My birthday yesterday turned out to be a pretty wonderful day. Even though we had a few set backs...Spenc forgot that he had signed up to clean the church at 8 that morning! So no sleeping in for this birthday girl :( haha but it wasn't bad actually. Since we were already up we went to Ihop for breakfast, they used to give you a free breakfast on your birthday and now they don't. We found out after we ordered. Ya thanks Ihop. Then we went to the mall and finished our Christmas shopping and Corinne came over right after and I opened my birthday presents from her and my parents. I hadn't gotten ready yet...remember I woke up to clean haha.

Those are from my parents...the little wooden statue is of a mom and looks like my little preston...I LOVE it! And I cant wait to wear my headband in cold Utah in 2 weeks!

This cute purse is from Corinne and Justin...she remembered me liking it in a store we went too! I was so excited!

And I had Corinne open her birthday gift from us since we won't get to see her on her birthday this year :(. We got her a cute maternity shirt and skirt. The shirt looks super cute on her!

Well I got ready and me and Corinne went to eat lunch at Souper salad because we both had free lunches there for our birthdays. The food was so-so but it was free I guess. It was fun to go out just me and her! I should have taken a picture... darn it!

Then that night me and Spenc went out on a date! I can't tell you how long it has been since me and Spenc went out together. It was great to have him all to myself for a little bit. We went to the new Narnia movie, which I really liked but Spenc wasn't a huge fan. And then we met Danny and Alyssa at Grimaldys pizza ( I had a free large pizza coupon there too! ) and then we had ice cream afterwords! I failed to take a picture of our date night too. I can't believe the only pictures I took were ones where I looked like crap. I didn't take any after I got ready and looked a whole lot cuter...oh well.

And then tonight (Sunday) we went to Ron and Debbies for dinner and they made me a birthday cake! It was a lemon cake...i LOVE lemon cakes. So I kinda felt like my birthday was all weekend :) it was fun and now I'm a whopping 23 years old!

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KevinandPamelaBigelowFamily said...

Love you so much sweetie - Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Wish we could have been there to share it with you. We are sooo excited to see you here in Utah in just a few weeks!!!