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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Recap...

Here is a little recap of 2010...It was a good year for us, I think 2009 topped 2010 though so maybe 2011 will be the best yet! But anyways this is what our year was full case you missed it :)

 Preston really started to move around and got crawling down to a "T". My parents also came to Phoenix for a weekend.

 Preston got his first haircut, we spend our 3rd Valentines together, I stopped breastfeeding and Preston got even more wild!

 We went to the lake, the wildlife zoo and a car show. Me and Preston also flew to Utah for my Moms birthday!

  My parents were here for Easter and Preston got a new big boy car seat! He also started taking steps with a walker :)

  Preston turned 1! We also had family pictures taken and went on a vaca to California! Preston also had his first dental appt.

  Me and Preston took another trip to Utah, we went to the lake and tried out the Flow Rider!

  Lots of Trips to the lake, me and Preston went to Show Low to visit family and we took a trip to Flagstaff. Me and Spenc also went to a baseball game!


Me and Spenc spent our 3 year Anniversary in Flagstaff! We made a little trip to the Grand Canyon and also went fishing for the first time together. 

  September was full of play dates...sea life aquarium, the mall, pools and water play areas!

  Lots of Halloween activities...Pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving and trick or treating! Spenc also had to go to the hospital for pneumonia :( 

  Spencer turned 25! Me and Corinne had a girls weekend and we also went to the wildlife zoo. My family came here for Thanksgiving!

  Lots of Christmas Activities that I just posted about! And I turned 23!

Hope everyone has a fun New Years Eve! We are getting on a plane this morning to Utah! I can't wait to be on vacation!!! Great way to start the new year...if i say so myself!


Corinne and Justin said...

I really cant believe how much hes grown this year! Its crazy, Well I hope yu guys had a fun New Years, ill see you in like 5 days!

*Tawny* said...

such a cute post!!!! I need to do this next year for sure, I love how you did each month!

Looks like you guys had a faboulous christmas, preston looks so cute and happy in all the pictures!
Love the PJ tradition, my mother in law does that every year for all the kids/grandkids, love it!
Merry christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!