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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas List...

Me and Spencer had decided that we weren't doing Christmas for each other this year but now I'm not so sure. We may or may not...who knows. But if we do I thought I'd share a Christmas List of things I would love to have slipped under the tree just for me :)

1. RunTone Action shoes by Reebok - I desperately wanted the Easy tones last year but didn't get them but now im kinda glad I didnt because these shoes are for running and working out not just walking. So I can Tone and Work out at the same time... :) I like black ;)

2. Spa Day everything included...massage, pedi, mani, new cut and color, makeup and facial...the works. I know I'm dreaming but could you imagine...I'd come out a new women! (i totally wish that was me in the pic)

3. I've got the baby bad...i want me a baby asap

4. Personal Trainer. I need someone kicking me in the butt. And can you make my body look like the girls in the picture...thx santa :)

5. I pod...any one, any color

6. New armani code perfume...its my favorite and im completely out

7. A cruise to Hawaii....I can see myself now on that deck getting a tan...

 8. Nikon Camera...

 Ya I know I'm dreaming on a lot of these but if I could these are what I'd choose haha :)


Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

Wow our christmas lists are exactly the same!! All except number 5 and 6. Too bad I'm probably not getting anything off of it :(

The Lewis Lovebirds! said...

GIRL, i don't have the spa effect at my house but i can sure give a mean facial....lets get together and cross that one off the list!