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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 22-What makes you different from everyone else

Um this one was hard for me for some reason. I don't really know whats really different about me...I feel like everything i do somebody else does probably better. But um most people have to take a language class in high school ( i think its a mandatory credit, don't quote me on that but i heard it was ) anyways I somehow got away with not taking one and I graduated without that credit. I know that's probably the lamest thing I could have thought up to put on this but its kinda late and its all I could think of. Anyways don't you love how the littlest things keep your little ones so entertained...

Yes, he did eventually get the yarn off. And Yes I know you totally felt like you were there with all those pictures. :). AND Yes I know it looks like he's choking himself but he wasn't and I was obviously right by him watching ( and taking pictures ) of him playing. And Yes he does look adorable with his hair combed to the side all preppy with his striped sweater :)

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The Lewis Lovebirds! said...

HAHA. I love it, everytime I think about graduating high school my head gets thrown back in laughs because let's be honest....we should not have. I too, got away without a spanish class. I got an F in it, poor attendance....are you surprised? I think if there was a thirteenth grade we would have been kicked out, we were just lucky that there were only 12 grades. OH SUCH GOOD TIMES