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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Can you believe another year has passed? Seriously time goes by faster every year. These are the years that id like to sssslllooowww down. I'm happy and content with my life, I have an adorable little boy who won't stop growing up ( why won't he listen? ), and a loving husband. I need and want all the time I can get! Can I just soak this all in before Preston turns 16! Can I remember all the kisses he is so willing to give and how when he hears a noise he'll run to me quickly with the biggest blue eyes you ever saw, his mouth dropping, and his cute little voice making noises of unbelief. He's just too cute for me to handle. I wish so bad we could freeze these little moments.

I've decided this year that my goals would change just a bit. It seems that my goals consist of making myself feel better. I'm never thin enough, I'm never pretty enough, smart enough...etc. I really want to achieve self satisfaction this year. But in a different way. Last year I followed some blogs that I thought had great ideas for starting a new year and keeping it throughout the year so I'm taking on a few of those ideas :). 

1. My word for the year is "Focus". I am probably the most distracted person you will ever know. Ideas and Thoughts bounce around in my head 24/7 and I change my mind constantly. I am going to "focus" on a different word each month such as "organize" or " simplify". If I think I need more time on a certain word then I'll keep it for the next month as well. Once the month is over I'll blog about my "word" and how I've applied it in my life.

2. I'm going to do something "special" for my husband every month. I really do love this man with all my heart and sometimes I don't think I show it enough. So I'm going to go out of way to make him happy. We don't always have money so some of the things I do may be extra creative and extra cheesy but I think it will be fun! I'm going to report back here once I've completed the task each month...maybe give you ideas to spread the love! :)

3. I do want to better myself. I want to be happy with me. Do things healthier, maintain a positive attitude, and remain happy. By experience I know that serving others and challenging myself will help me with this a lot.

4. Work on learning, creative, and fun things to do with Preston. I want to take him to knew places and teach him as much as i possibly can while he's my only baby. I want to enjoy this time that I have with just him.

5. Challenge myself. Do things I think I can't or that I'm afraid to do. Whether that means try cooking completely from scratch or running a 10k. This scares me but I'm going to "Challenge" myself each month and post about. Maybe you'll get new recipes haha because cooking is something I am REALLY wanting to better myself at.

Okay well I think that is enough ( maybe too much ) for me to handle this year. But I am pumped to be able to Focus and Challenge myself in different ways. I was out of town this month so I have a lot to catch up on but I'm excited to start! Do this with me if you want!


Kay and Krystal said...

Those are really neat new years goals..and your little boy is so stinking cute!! I love his smile and chubby cheeks:)

Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

I love this post! I agree with it 100%