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Thursday, January 27, 2011

January Challenge...

Okay so for January I wanted to learn how to make homemade wheat bread. I want to be able to start making my own loafs instead of buying them BUT I've been sick and the kitchen is my worst enemy lately. So the challenge I went for this month was canceling cable. At first I was afraid...I mean how could I not watch my favorite TV shows at night and what about HGTV on lazy days? But I did it anyways. Because 1. It is so dang expensive! I'm so sick of paying for it! and 2. There is SO much junk on TV that really I don't need it in my house.

So it's gone and let me tell you it has been SO nice! We did get Net Flix streamed to our Xbox so we do have some things to watch but all in all the TV has been off a lot more and I really like it. I really don't miss it.

Hopefully February I'll have a yummy wheat bread recipe to share! If you have one I would LOVE to try it!

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Jerry and Charlsye Miller said...

We got rid of cable just over 2 years ago nd I'll never go back. We also do the Netflix thing and I find that is enough for us. I found that I spend way more time getting the things done that I need to instead of watching t.v. plus Jerry and I make "date nights" out of watching the movies now. It's great and way less expensive.