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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Playing with Cousins...

Preston ended up being able to play with quite a few kids while we were in Utah. He first got to see Riley! Riley is Spencer's Uncles little boy. How does that make them related? 1st Cousins once removed? haha I have no idea but I think that is what Spenc told me. 

They are only about a month or 2 apart and they played really good, of course there was some fighting over toys but it was fun to see him play and push Riley in the car. Too bad we don't live closer and they could play more often.

We also had my cousins daughter over for the weekend. Bella is probably a year older and she is such a cutie! Preston was pretty mean at first but after a while they got a long pretty good :). 

I wish I would have taken more pics of these two...Bella also has a baby brother named Jace that is sooo adorable. He is probably the happiest baby I've ever seen! 

We also got to see Spencer's Aunt Kelly's little boy Aaron one night but I didn't take any pictures of them :(. It's so fun seeing Preston play with kids around his age. He needs the practice haha.

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