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Thursday, January 20, 2011


January has turned out to be a pretty horrible month over here at our house. I caught a cold while we were in Utah that has lingered on all month...I still have it. A few days ago I had a Killer headache that I figured out was a sinus infection. Preston got stomach/diarrhea sick on Sunday, luckily this was only a day thing. But he woke up this morning to a raspy voice so now I'm thinking he may be getting this nasty cold. 

My house has suffered tremendously, its a complete mess and needs some major deep cleaning. All I could think about this morning was wishing I had money to hire a cleaning lady. I need my walls, windows, cabinets, baseboards, doors, carpet, tile and grout all deep cleaned. Not to mention someone that will follow Preston around and clean up the 567,321,000 million messes he makes every day. 

I haven't even been cooking. 2 nights ago we had Arby's and last night we had stuffed crust pizza. That's disgusting.  But every time I go into the kitchen I notice that 1. i just don't feel like cooking 2. I don't want to make a mess that i have to clean and 3. we have no grocery's.

I feel like I've been dug a hole and I'm stuck in it. I'm afraid to come out cause there is just TOO much to do and I don't feel good enough to do it. Great way to start a year right? 

my sick baby on Sunday...

My mother in law came over a couple nights ago with some natural remedies for my sinus infection. I'm hoping they start working here pretty quick or else I'm going to have to see a doctor. A doctor is my last resort...I'm so sick of spending money on doctors. We are making payments to the hospital for Spencer's last visit. It makes me sick just thinking of all the money we have to spend for 2 hours of sitting in a hospital. BLAH...Lets all hope I wake up tomorrow feeling brand new :)

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The Lewis Lovebirds! said...

Bless your heart girly. I wish i was feeling good enough to help you. Funny we are in the EXACT same shoes. I haven't cooked all week either. And i have to force feed myself. It's so wierd eating something you can't taste. My sinus infection is so bad it feels like my teeth are going to fall out of my mouth. And now i have coughed a rib out of place, so everytime i breath, cough move or I Have this sharp pain. I have a dr. appt today for baby and im going to demand something. I can't do this another day its been over a week I have gotten NO sleep. I feel you. When we come out of this let's get together. Sorry about my story here. Whoops....feel better