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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm a proud wifey...

I know this blog is more like a journal of the life of Preston but I do have another HUGE part of my life. And that's the life of my sweet husband Spencer. He just started another school semester and is busier then I definitely thought he would be. He doesn't get home until about 7 at night from work and has a TON of homework and studying to do every morning and night.  He sure is busy. And we ( Preston and I ) are feeling it at our end too. I really HATE school. Its not the learning aspect of it, because being smart and learning something new is fun and I know that Spencer enjoys that part but its just all the time it takes. And boy is Time so very important. 

But I am proud to say that Spencer definitely doesn't waste this time spent away. He works extremely hard at what he does, we live a pretty good life. We may not have the money to take exotic vacations and buy the new trendy things but we do have money to live in a nice home and pay our bills and every once in a while we can take a  little cheap vacation. And we do this on only Spencer's income so I can be home with our sweet boy. Spencer also makes time for full time school. He got this in an email yesterday...

Isn't that awesome!? He still manages to get awesome grades in school with everything else he is doing in his life. So I just wanted to brag about how amazing my husband is. I really am such a lucky girl to have such an amazing guy to take care of me and my baby(s). I'm so extremely proud to call him mine. I love you Spencer. 

P.S.- Sorry ladies but he is not for sale. He's forever mine!

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