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COON FAMILY - Spencer, Chelsea, Preston & Lylah

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last of Utah...

Preston LOVES anything that drives...I'm in trouble when this kid gets older

Me and Court! Gosh I wish she lived closer...we'd have SO much fun!

Uncle Tanner really is SO good with Preston. He always plays and makes him laugh. One morning while we were there I had Preston wake Tanner up and Preston gave Tanner a kiss when he woke up haha I thought it was cute but Tanner laughed and kinda didn't know what to think. Luckily Preston is a baby and baby kisses are TOTALLY okay! :) 

Preston was ALL over the place...

Us girls ( missing Corinne...we sure missed her ) we were taking some pretty funny pictures of us that night...good times! And we have some Fabulous ideas for next family pictures ;)

Dave and Paige!

Katelyn and Jade! My dads cousin Shawn and him are super close and so we spend a lot of time with their family. They have daughters that are mine and Corinnes age and we had TONS of fun with them growing up. They are really are 2nd cousins but I consider them first cousins by far. I really am closer to their family then any other related family. We just LOVE them. They also have two older kids Brittany and Seth that are absolutely the sweetest! We had so much fun with them while we were there! I REALLY wish we lived closer and I REALLY wish we saw them more!

Yes we rocked "Just Dance" and it was a serious good time. Notice the dancer on the screen and then notice my moves. Ya I'm good! HA!

We couldn't leave without Tanner and Spencer playing XBOX....

As always it was a serious good time! We love spending time with family and wish we could a lot more. But as always it does feel good to be home. :)

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