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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Canyon Lake...

 ( Spencer and Preston swimming in the water...the water was a bit chilly )

Yesterday Spencers family wanted to go out to Canyon lake. Spencer and a lot of his family went out super early and me, presty, debbie, and kristy went out to meet them later that afternoon. It turned out to be a horrible day...I was going back and forth whether to go because Preston has been teething and not feeling that good to begin with but you don't service out at Canyon lake so I couldn't get a hold of Spenc so I just decided to try and go but took my own car just in case Preston was having a hard time.

( Our family out on the tube! We thought Preston might like it but he cried the entire time..but the poor boy was teething and sick )

Well after we tried tubing Preston had a huge poop explosion that came out of his shorts and even got on the life jacket a little so we went back to shore and cleaned him up, luckily i brought clean clothes and everything. Well we started cleaning and picking up and I picked Preston up to get the blanket he was sitting on and as soon as I picked him up he threw up EVERYWHERE. All over me, him, and the blanket. GROSS! And then after we were all packed Ron and Debbie drove me over to my car and when we pulled up there were 2 mexican guys in front of my car and Debbie saw one stuff something in his pocket. So I was a little nervous but Ron got out with me. Once I got in my car I looked forward and the guy was looking right at me, pulled up the side of his shirt and showed me his gun. What the freak! I threw my car in reverse and got out of there. I don't know what he was doing or why he'd show me the gun but I was soo freaked out. And we were supposed to drop Ron off at the boat and Debbie was supposed to drop me off and I wonder what it would have been like if it were just her and I. So scary. 

Well we didn't take many pics since there were like 2 happy moments haha but oh well. I'm just glad that day is over and hopefully next time we will have a better experience!

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Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

I'm sorry you didn't really have any fun, makes me glad Dan and I decided not to go. We will all have to go sometime when Preston is feeling better.