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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just some thoughts...

This may turn into a really long post but i have SO much on my mind lately. I LOVE being a mom but its dang hard sometimes. Lately I've been so confused on whats good and whats bad and what to look out for. For instance I didn't even think twice when buying Preston sippy cups...i thought sippy cups were sippy cups and if they were selling them in stores they must be safe to use right? Well i was so wrong, some of them have BPA ( Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical used to make polycarbonate plastic resins, epoxy resins, and other products) and some don't. Studies have been proven that BPA is very harmful for our baby's. How did I not know this? Warming up the cups is what releases the chemicals that are harmful and i did that. I honestly feel like breaking down and crying, what if I've hurt my child because of my ignorance?

It's finally becoming clearer to me why education is so very important. All growing up I just wanted to be a wife and a mommy and I really didn't take schooling as seriously as I should of. I did do some schooling after high school but even then I wasn't putting a 100% into it. Now I feel so stupid for wasting all that time. I should know more than I know right now. And even just as a wife and mom I feel as though I need to know more than I ever thought I would. I can't just let myself be "ignorant". There are so many things that I use and eat everyday that could be harmful for myself and my family. As a wife and a mother my "Job" is to take care of my family. I'm the one buying things and putting food on the table. Why am I not making sure that these things are safe and healthy? I've slacked and I feel terrible about it. 

Also, Vaccines....I don't even know where to start with this. We waiting for a while with Preston and then we started a few and now were back on wanting to wait. I felt at the beginning that he was just so small and he was just going to be home with me and i didn't think i had to worry so much about him getting sick...and he didn't...he's been very healthy so far. I then felt like he was getting strong enough and i was wanting to start the shots and we did and things went problems. But I have this fear of  "what if". What if something went wrong and he had some bad reaction and things were never the same for him? And in return I feel as if everyone stops getting vaccines then our country could be in danger of a lot of scary diseases and some of those diseases that were pretty much extinct in our country could come back.

I'm just overwhelmed with the fear of failing. Of making one stupid mistake that could change my child's life for the worse. I want nothing more than to do whatever is healthy and safe for my baby. I want him to grow up strong and healthy and to know whats safe and what is not. Its seems as the world today has gotten back to wanting to go "green" and "organic" and back to the basics, which is good. But its scary to me to think about all the products and foods that we've all eaten and used throughout the years that are now starting to show up as cancerous and unhealthy.  I'm ashamed to say that I've been one of those "lazy" people all my life that have eaten whatever and used anything sold on the shelves. I hardly ever thought twice about health unless i was already not feeling well. And I'm not going to be this way anymore.

I don't know what I'm going to do about vaccines yet...I guess I still have lots of researching and praying to do before I decide. I do know though that I'm not going to fall into this trap that retailers put you in and I'm definitely going to research everything I buy for my baby's and make sure its safe. I decided I'm going "greener" haha I don't know what it takes to become all "green" but I'm going to work on it. Wow I did write alot...sorry!


Padilla's said...

Chels, first off you are going to make yourself sick with worry. You are a good mom and don't need to get down on yourself so much. . . now about vaccines, they used to be somewhat harmful and they found that the mercury in them was causing problems. If you are worried about this ALWAYS ask your doc for mercury free vaccines I always ask and they always tell me the same thing "we don't give shots here with that in it" so I finally stopped asking. Most doctors will not give vaccines with mercury in it anymore (I was even told they don't make them anymore but I am not 100% on that one). If Preston was to get sick with one of those diseases it would be horrible. If he has not had a reaction yet he probably won't. Talk to his doc about your concerns they should be more than willing to answer them. Keep your head up you are doing GREAT!

Kacie said...

Wow Chels~ You going to make me sick with worry. haha! I am just like you when it comes to I have never really paid much attention to what I buy, I have never bought a special sippy cup. I had no idea. It frustrates me that i dont know more. And sometimes I feel so overwhelmed because you hear of SO MANY things that can cause Cancer and other problems. I dont even know where to begin. I definetly need to learn more. Thats a neat sippy cup you bought though. I will probably have to look it up! Dont worry yourself too much though. We can learn as much as we can and do our best to take care of our families and if we are living righteously I have no doubt Heavenly Father will pick up the slack!

Tyler and Kendyl said...

It is scary to know that you are responsible for the health and safety of your kids but you do need to cut yourself some slack :) You're doing your very best and that's what matters. Unfortunately we can't protect our kids from everything but I admire your desire to educate yourself further. One step at a time :)

Thomas Family said...

My Grandma Sent me this in an email today! it is amazing! I hope that it helps! Love ya (just copy and paste the link!)