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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day...

Yesterday we decided to go to this jr high school in mesa that has an artificial wave, we kind of went not knowing how it was going to be or how busy it would be because of memorial day. But it was perfect! There was only a few people besides us and Spencer and Danny had a blast on the wave.

Here are some pics of the "boys", the first 2 hours we were there consisted of this artificial wave. It was 10.00 dollars an hour so we couldn't just go back and forth from this and the pool. But they had a blast. 

These are pics of them up and riding the "Flow Rider".

And I had to add the pictures of the "falls" too, they are almost cooler to look at then the ones of them riding haha. Doesn't it look like it hurt? 

Here are some of Preston with his Uncle Dan and Aunt Alyssa. He had a lot of fun playing the water with Alyssa. He sure does love them. They are both super good with kids, they will make such good parents some day.

Aren't Danny and Alyssa so darn cute?

Mommy and her best boy. Hes seriously my best little buddy. I couldn't begin to tell you how much i adore this kid. 

Preston playing in the water and with mommy. This place had a lot of fun things for little kids to play with. He loved all the water squirting out of the ground...until it splashed his face haha.

All of us took a jump off the high board. This was my first time and i freaked out a little but i did it :). It was soooo funny because spencer tried telling danny to do a back flip off of it and he wouldnt so spencer was like fine ill do it and he totally did a "back" flop and his back was sooooo red. Hes such a goober sometimes haha!

Afterwords we went and had pizza at oregenos and then went back over to danny and alyssas. It turned out to be a very very fun day!

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Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

We'll all have to go back there again soon because we had so much fun! Plus I need to work on my tan! lol