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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Goals...

( I have a hard time posting things without these pictures are random and don't really have to do with my post but its something cute to look at! )

I feel sometimes i get overwhelmed with things i need to do and the things i want to do. I believe there should be balance in our lives where were not only doing what needs to be done but what we enjoy doing as well. As a mom i think i either forget about the important stuff and my house ends up falling apart and it takes me a week to reorganize and reshift myself back into a routine or i get stuck in that routine and I'm not as happy because I'm just doing those things that "need" to be done that just aren't as enjoyable. 

So this summer i decided to make myself some goals...not only to make my summer more fun but to get myself to do those things that need done as well. You know those charts you would make as a kid and you'd put a star or sticker by the item that you would get done that day. As an adult i still need one of those charts ( but a grown up and more stylish version of course! )

Well of course one of my goals is to get in better shape and be more healthy all around. I seem to always be trying to work on this...i think its a never ending cycle for me. Why I wasn't blessed to just look great all the time is beyond me haha. But my goal this summer is to wake up every morning ( during the week ) and get my butt to the gym. I also am going to find more healthy and light recipes. 

I also am going to read a lot more this summer. There are so many books i have my eye on but i seem to never make the time to finish the books i have stacked on my nightstand. I also am going to read my scriptures first and then my other books. I want to reach my goal of 10 books this summer. 

I also want to improve my marriage and show Spencer how much i love and adore him. So I'm going to do something out of the ordinary ( not anything that costs a lot of money...if you know my husband than spending zero dollars is the best way to make him happy ) that lets him know I'm thinking of him and that hes my number one and I'm going to do this once a week. 

I also want to improve on my mommy skills. I want to make sure that I'm teaching him something everyday whether it be his flash cards ( from your baby can read ) or helping him learn to walk, etc. I also want to make sure that we do something fun that's totally for him once a week. Going to the swings, playing in his baby pool,  playing with bubbles...etc. Hes just getting so big so fast and i don't want to look back and wish i did more with him while he actually wanted to spend time with his mom...( hopefully hell want to be my buddy forever...but probably not! )

I'm also going to go do a session at the temple every week. The only time that i have to be able to do that is making the 5:30 am session but i cant wait to go this Friday...its been way to long since i have.

I honestly have a MILLION projects on my house that i want to do but Ive decided to get my priorities straight and focus on my food storage this summer. We have super tall closets that i can add shelves to and i want to have at least a 6 month supply of canned food up in our closets and then i want to have a least a 3 month supply of every day food that we use in our pantry. And figure out how i want to store water...

And of course I'm going to work on keeping my house clean and keep myself on a balanced schedule. This summer is going to be a good one...I just know it!

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