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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Cricut...

I LOVE my cricut...I really do but lately I've gotten soooo annoyed with whoever made this thing. It makes things so much easier...BUT only when you have all the "extra" products. Just buying the cricut machine is a huge chunk of change in itself but then you have to buy cartridges and it seems like there is an endless supply of those. I think they run around 70.00 each...holy cow! ( For those of you who do have a cricut and pay those are crazy! Bid on eBay...I've gotten some for around 15-20 dollars including shipping! ) But it doesn't end there of course. I just lately bought the software so that I can get my font and shapes to the exact size i want but now it wont let me print off font from one cartridge and a shape from another. I have to print them out separately unless I have a Jukebox! It seems like these people are just making it impossible for this thing to work really well unless you've spent 100's of dollars. As you can tell I'm just getting sooo frustrated with this whole thing. I am glad I have it and I do have a ton of fun with it but think twice before you buy one...because you'll end up spending a LOT more then you think.

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The Lewis Lovebirds! said...

NOOO....UGH. this is a bad dream. no combining cartridges??? ew. however, i did use mine this weekend and got all the sizes right the first time. i was pretty happy. i know you just bought design studio. but i heard sure cuts alot is pretty sweet too....i don't know, this is a giant headache.