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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Last of Utah pics...

So I'm a little behind on my posts...this is the last of our Utah pics. These are just some of the things Preston loved to do while we were there...

First he LOVES to climb stairs. We finally taught him how to go down them but I still wouldn't let him do it made me too nervous. But he really did get good at it and he was pretty quick at it too!

He also loved to play cars...and my parents house has lots more room to play around!

Tanner always has a way to make him laugh and he had so much fun running away, beating up, and laughing with Uncle Tanner!

He also now know how to open doors and constantly tried to escape places ( luckily my parents door knobs are the round ones that he cant get...unfortunately mine are the ones he can ). And he also loved spending time with Aunt Court. She was the best  babysitter and watched him while i was able to go to the movie with my parents. Thanks Court!!!

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