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Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 10-Songs you listen to when you're bored, happy, sad, mad, hyped

Bored - Something like Tegan and Sara Something I know all the words to and I can just sing along!

Happy - Um I could listen to just about ANYTHING when I am happy but listen to this Song from the Dear John album...I love it :)

Sad - I like to listen to something Inspiring and Uplifting when I am feeling down, My mother in law sings a song on Hope that I really do love.

Mad - I like to listen to old classics ( maybe just old to me ) but punk stuff i used to listen to in highschool like Yellowcard and the Juliana Theory

Hyped - Umm this is when I'm going to work out or something and I usually listen to rap stuff, I don't know why but I like T.I.

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