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Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 15-Put your ipod or shuffle on-first 10 songs that play

Okay so I don't have an Ipod or shuffle or anything like that. I know...they came out like 5 years ago...maybe longer, but I still have not gotten one. I'd actually kinda like one to use for working out and I have an ipod player here at home that I'd love to use but my hubby takes his ipod to work with him so its pretty much useless to me. I'm stuck listening to the dumb radio while I do my dishes...its sad I know. Poor poor me hahaha. Anyways since I can't participate in this Day 15 challenge I decided I'd do 10 things I'm thankful for instead of 10 songs. Since Thanksgiving is like 3 days away!!! Okay here I go...

  1. I'm thankful for this guy. My father in law asked me what was surprising about marriage last night and I told him that I didn't think marriage was easy all the time.haha. I think I thought that we would like all the same things and do everything together and la la la. But that just isn't how it is. And even if it's not "easy" or how I want it to be, it is SO worth it. I can not picture my life without this man in it. And even though I hate to admit it but I actually like that we are different.
  2.  And this little guy... I can't even begin to express how  much I love being a mom. Especially a mom to him. I can't   wait have more babies running around. I just love how much  energy he has. He is just hilarious and SO much fun! He has a personality that just draws you in...I have a feeling that this boy is going to have a TON of friends. I love you buddy.

3. I'm thankful the The Church of Latter Day Saints. I'm SO very thankful for my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I'm thankful for the power of the Atonement and that I can repent for my sins. I love this church and I know without a doubt its true. I can't express how Thankful I am for my "Forever Family". No death till we part for us!!

4. I'm thankful for my Home. I love where we live, the neighborhood and our ward is perfect. If we end up staying in the valley long term then I won't live anywhere else, I LOVE this location.

5. I'm thankful for my health and my family's health. Spenc is still recovering but we have been lucky so far with all of us staying pretty healthy. And I hope we can stay this way throughout the winter.

6. I'm SO thankful for my Mom and Dad and my siblings. Gosh I wouldn't trade my family for anything in the world. They are so fun and funny and I just love them all to pieces.

7. I'm so thankful for my hubby's family. I truly married into a great family. I'm so thankful for all the help and the friendships that I now have. I'm so lucky.

8. I'm thankful for the Holidays. I love the spirit and love that the holidays bring with it. I'm almost done with Christmas shopping and I'm so grateful that I can just enjoy the holidays this year.

9. I'm so thankful for the gorgeous weather we are having right now. It is perfect outside. I LOVE it.

10. I'm thankful that Spencer and I both have some amazing friends.

I have SO many blessings and SO much to be Thankful for. I am one Lucky girl that is for sure :)

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