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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our Weekend...

Spencer went racing in California this weekend. Usually this means me and Preston are stuck bored at home but that wasn't the case this time! We were SO dang busy all weekend and we had SO much fun! Thursday we met Corinne and Ryan at the mall and played and did some shopping and then that night I met up with my friend Elena and we went to dinner and to a few stores. Friday I introduced Jani to my one of my favorite places Cafe laguna and then we made me a SUPER cute fall wreath ( I'll post pictures tomorrow on my craft blog ) and then that night Corinne came over for a sleepover. Saturday we went to the Wildlife World Zoo and then that night we made Corinne a wreath like mine because she loved it so much. We had so much going on and this weekend was such a good one :). Here are some pictures from the zoo!

Preston just wanted to touch every animal

It was a pretty perfect day was in the 80's, when we were in the sun it was a little warm but not bad at all. 

Preston LOVED that he could just run around and look at the animals

Preston fed the ducks...he thought it was hilarious to throw the food at them haha

Me and Corinne at the wildlife show...Preston HATED the show...he didnt want to sit still and he threw a fit the whole time :(

Preston with the deer...see how he is trying to get my hand to let him go...i think he would have jumped on the deer if he could

Cute picture of Aunt Corinne and Preston

This was so funny...we were trying to pet the stingrays and one came up fast to preston and scared him to death

We had a lot of fun...i would say the petting zoo and feeding the ducks were prestons favorites though!


Corinne and Justin said...

I had so much fun with you and Preston this weekend! Love you guys!

Whitney Thomas said...

Your blonde hair is so cute! and Preston is so big! Miss you