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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Big Boy...

Preston is just getting too big too fast. Some of his favorite things to do is pull himself up and walk (while holding on to something, couch for example), play with and talk on cell phones, loves to read books (we just bought a book to teach him some sign pretty excited, hopefully hell pick it up quick), and he LOVES to brush his teeth! Ill brush his teeth first and then hell do it and he does a pretty good job haha of coarse he likes biting it but he also moves it around like i do. He loves to do what we do and hes starting to wave back at us when we wave hi and bye. Hes just the funnest little guy around!

This is him pulling himself up and walking against the couch

These are pictures of him playing with his cell phone, reading his books, and drinking out of his big boy cup. I love that he never liked his bottle, he went straight from breastfeeding to his cup and Im SO HAPPY about it. One less habit we dont have to break. Thank you! haha

This was him this morning brushing his teeth...he was watching spencer get ready and when spencer started to brush his teeth preston wanted to do the same!

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Corinne and Justin said...

Hes getting to be such a big boyy!! i am gonna come visit soon i miss this little guyy! love you guys!