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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hot Rods for Haiti...

This sunday was a fun one, it was the super bowl of course but it was also baby Isaacs blessing ( Rob and Nikis new baby ). We got to go to church with them and watch him be was a really sweet blessing and Rob and Niki both bore their testimonys afterword and the spirit was so strong. They are such good parents and we are blessed to have them a part of our family. We then all went over to Rob and Nikis for breakfast and it was mmm mmm good! Nikis side of the family was there also and they are all super sweet and I enjoyed visiting with her sisters. Then later that evening it was super bowl time! We all met over at Ron and Debbies and brought "Pot Luck" and watched the game...well the guys watched and us girls visited. We were rooting for the Colts but sadly they lost....

Preston got new church clothes and boy does he look cute! I forgot my camera though so I didnt get any pics :( but hes got new ties and matching socks and EVERYTHING! I will be sure to take some pictures this weekend...We have a baptism and church/ valentines so Ill get some taken for sure!

Hes been crawling like crazy! He gets anywhere in a hurry...although he doesnt want to go anywhere im not. He follows me around now and I really have to be careful cause hes ALWAYS right behind me. Hes starting to get into things hes not supposed to...he loves making messes ( its going to be even harder to keep my house clean...blah haha ). Hes such a fun fun boy!!!

I also wanted to let all you valley people know ( and anyone whos going to be in the valley on Feb. 20 ) that Majestic Real Estate ( Spencers Work ) is throwing a benifit car show! All the proceeds are going directly to Haiti to help those in need. If you have any kind of car / truck / motorcycle youd like to take to help make the car show a success would be greatly appreciated! Just fill out the form below and mail it in. If you dont have a car to show, thats okay, come join us for all the fun! Hope to see you there!

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Brandi said...

Preston just gets bigger and cuter with every post! i just love reading your blog and "keeping up with the coon family" Love you girlly