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Friday, February 12, 2010

We met...

I was reading a few blogs this morning and it seems like its pretty popular to tell the story of how you met your "love". I personally think its a great idea and Im going to do the same.

My story actually begins before we even of my really good friends Whitney talked me into moving to Pocatello, Idaho with her. I was just chillin in little show low and she had a softball scholarship and I dont know it sounded fun and it was something new so I went! We did have some REALLY good times and some pretty CRAZY dates that to this day will make us laugh untill our stomaches hurt but something just didnt feel right. I went home for Christmas and I begged my mom that she wouldnt make me go back...I was crying in the airport and I just felt sick...i couldnt stay in Idaho. I didnt even really have an explanation why...I just HAD to leave. I prayed and searched and found someone to take over my lease to the apartment I was staying in and packed up my car.. by myself... and drove ALL  the way back to Pheonix. Did I mention I drove alone the whole entire way? I was determined.

About a couple of weeks later I had an interview for a job at a cabinet company...not really what I was looking for but it was a job. I dont really remember seeing Spencer but he says he remembers me. I was dressed up in a black pencil skirt and black pointed toe heals haha and he says he was REALLY hoping I was going to get the job.

I ended up getting the job and started right away. The first time I saw spencer I got butterflies, im sure my face started getting red ( happens EVERYTIME I get nervous ) and I was totally trying to think of some way I could go and talk to him...without it looking desperate haha. He must have been thinking the same thing cause he came over just a few minutes later asking for a ruler. We then started going back and forth asking eachother for things to "borrow" that we already had. After a couple of days he asked me for my number and told me he was going to call me that night.

I NEVER got a call. Seriously I was kinda depressed and embarrassed to see him the next day. I totally got stood up. haha.

He came right up to me the next day and told me he tried the # and it wasnt right, he said he felt so bad, he even tried to find someone else who might have had it. I guess he wrote the wrong # down?...haha well we went out that night to the institute building. I wanted to go there to see if I could find some lds room mates ( I was staying with one of my best friends at the time Jani and her husband, seriously the sweetest people EVER. They had been married, what 6 months?, and let me stay with them. Talk about a friend. Thanks Jan. ) Anyways he looked amazing...his laugh was contagious and I couldnt help but stare in his big beautiful blue eyes. He had a little accent from his mission in Argentina...he had only been home about a month...I loved the way he talked. It was on his answering machine for the longest time and I would call just to hear his voice...I know soo cheesy right? Well we stayed and I took some #s down for roomates and we played some pool. I dont even remember if we held hands that night...all I remember is that I was "hooked". I couldnt keep my mind off of him for a second.

Well I could go on and on for forever but Ill shorten it up and end it before it gets too long. That was Jan. of 07...we dated and got engaged the first weekend in June and married Aug. 11. It happened really fast but I knew for a fact he was "the one". I know hes the reason I couldnt stay in Idaho. I was supposed to come back and marry the man of my dreams. I couldnt thank my Heavenly Father enough for leading me to him. I love you Spencer. XOXO.

This was one of our engagement pictures ( spencer looks pretty buff huh? haha )


Corinne and Justin said...

You never even told me all that! ha. i knew some but i didnt know he got your number then never called! ha. thats so funny! well you guys are so cute and fun! loves!

TrAvIs aNd SaVaNnA said...

Ah what a cute story!!! you two are just so cute!!

*Tawny* said...

SOoooo cute! I never knew the whole story, I just knew you guys met at his dads cabinet business!!! Soo cute :) You guys are adorable!