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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Silly boy...

Yesterday we got back from grocery shopping and I let Preston "help" me unload grocerys but he was more interested in the dishwasher. The dishes were clean and the only thing he could reach were the spoons haha so I let him have his fun...its so funny to me that he has the most fun with things like this then he does with his toys...why do we even buy toys? haha. We never fixed his hair yesterday either so he has crazy nap hair and i think its adorable...thats one great thing about dont have to fix their hair or have them match...they look cute no matter what and people understand...THEIR BOYS!

I love to watch his little body move around...its soo cute! Ive never realized how cute it is when these little bodys start to move untill my own started to do it. They are so much stronger than you think. Hes a mess, yes, but its soo fun at the same time.

Preston also went to his first birthday party on monday. It was our good friends Taylor and Amandas little girls 1st birthday and boy is she just adorable. Its so fun to see him react to other little kids since he usually doesnt. Hes kinda spoiled and not used to things being taken away and kids wanting to poke at him haha but he needs to get used to it. He totally doesnt look happy in this picture haha but I wanted to show him someday who he used to play with sometimes. I actually stole this picture from amandas blog so i couldnt blow it up without it being to fuzzy. But it was a fun little party...i cant believe that in just over 2 months preston will be one. Oh gosh time flys.

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Brandi said...

OH gosh is so stinkin cute! I told my mom i was sad his tubbiness was fading too! he reminds me so much of how mr tytan is built. I cant believe he is almost one:) Maybe he will have a friend born on his birthday!