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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dirtbike Track...

Yesterday Spencer decided he wanted to take his dirtbike to a track down on Ironwood because they were open untill 10 at night. He cant load his bike in the truck by himself so guess who had to come and help...thats right me. haha no i wanted to come and watch him. He hasnt ridden in a long time so I was kinda nervous that he might wreck or something. Its funny cause Id kind of time him so i knew when hed be coming around the track right in front of us so I could show preston where "dada" was and Id loose track of time playing with preston so Id wonder where the heck he was and id start getting all nervous that something happened and then hed come around the corner. I really just worry all the time...i need to stop. But anyways Id show Preston when Spencer would drive by and he would keep his eyes on him and say dadadadada untill we couldnt see him anymore, it was really cute. Well I forgot my camera, dang it, so all i had was my camera on my phone which sucks so these pictures are really blurry and not good but oh well Im sure well be back soon enough and Ill take better pictures.

I swear my husband has more hobbys than anyone I know. Pretty soon hes gonna have to pick his favorites and let go of the rest haha. If you look close at the 2 pictures of the track you can see spencer riding...ya the blurry dot...thats him haha.

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Bryan & Celinda said...

Chels you are so good at keeping your blog up to date! I need to be better!! Miss you guys!