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Sunday, February 7, 2010

My name is Hope...

Last night was my mother in laws concert that I had posted about a little while ago. She did great and the other performers were also fantastic. It was kinda funny cause the "host" of the show was actually Dave Tenney ( from show low ) I guess his brother is a part of three2u ( one of the bands that performed ). Well the concert was really good but my favorite part was the 2nd half of the show, all the performers had put together a video for one of their songs. Three2u had dedicated a song to some of those who had passed away and seeing those pictures of them with their familys just hit me hard, and it was so nice that this whole concert was bringing the spirit in and you just felt at peace knowing that theyd be with their familys again someday. My mother in law Debbie sang the song " My name is Hope " ( which is my favorite song of hers ) and her video that went with her song was perfect. The pictures were done by Helen ThomasRobson and she is a fantastic hoping ill be able to get some pictures done by her :). Its funny how this song just touches my heart, something about it just brings me to tears. I hope you enjoy it as well. Click Here! to watch it on You Tube.

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Corinne and Justin said...

I love that song, she sings it really good! and i love the video.. so sweet!