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Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine...

Love Day 2010
This year Valentines fell on a sunday AND were on a pretty tight budget so we celebrated in our back yard. The weather was perfect and since Preston has been sick weve been cooped up in the house so it felt nice to get some fresh air. We decided we werent going to get gifts this year and we would just write "love letters" but Spenc ended up getting me some pretty flowers. Hes my sweetheart. We decided wed cook something extra special so I went to Costco and bought some Crab legs! It turned out REALLY good! ( And we made sure to make Prestons favorite...mashed potatoes! ) Besides Preston being pretty crabby it has been a wonderful day!
Spencer really is the man of my dreams. I really couldnt ask for a better husband or father to my kid(s). He makes everyday so worth while and has made our little life so wonderful. I couldnt say that we never argue or that we always agree haha but I honestly believe we bring out the best in one another and that we definantly are good for eachother. Well since this is our 3rd Valentines Im going to name off 3 of my favorite things about my sweet hubby.

  1. Hes such a hard worker. Whether its his job, church, school, hobbys, or anything to do with us he gets the job done and he does it well. He puts all he has into what he does and I honestly think its gotten him far and will continue to do so. I really am so proud of everything he does.

  2. He really does "love" me. Given he doesnt always say the right things haha I know he trys and I know he means well. Hes always making me feel loved by holding my hand and keeping close to me, making sure im okay no matter where we are. Hes such a cuddler too! I love that!

  3. Hes such a good daddy. You should see Prestons face when Spencer walks through the door when coming home from work. Hes so excited and Spencer is just as excited to see him. I love to watch them play and watch Spenc teach him new things. I honestly love my little family. I wouldnt change my life one bit.
I really could name off a TON more but Ill save them for another time!

I also have one more Valentine this year! How lucky am I!? Well my little Preston is the best boy I could have ever dreamed of having. He always brings a smile to my face and I couldnt imagine our family without him. His personality is really starting to show and I love it! Hes the most fun and the most adorable little man EVER.

I love those boys more than words could ever say. Happy Valentines!

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