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Friday, February 5, 2010

Too Big...

Last night while we were all asleep I woke up suddenly  and thought I heard Preston crying in the distance...low and behold I checked my moniter and it somehow turned off! I turned it on and I could see Preston standing up in his crib crying....scared me half to death! I ran in and grabbed him...what if I wouldnt have heard or woken up? Would he have fallen out? Well anyways its time to lower the crib for sure!

On another note Preston is officially crawling! Hes on his knees and everything! Its soo funny how all of a sudden they figure things out. He wasnt even really trying to use his legs 2 days ago and then yesterday morning while I was getting ready I looked over and he was crawling...right to my phone haha.

So I know my blog is all about and spenc are just kinda boring. Spencer is still working really hard in real estate...pretty much working 24/7 even at night when me and preston just want him to ourselves! But Im so proud of him and his great work ethic. If anyone is looking into buying or selling give him a call! Hes also going to school, hes taking physics, biology and a religions class. Hes gotten pretty much all A's in his classes so far...hes really smart. His biology class is getting pretty hard...ive been quizing him at night...hes got to memorize all kinds of mucsles and stuff that ive never heard of. So I guess im learning some new things too! If hes not doing those 2 things then hes usually with us...and thats the way we like it!

I have been really trying to focus on loosing weight. Im not breastfeeding anymore so it makes it alot easier! Me and my sister are going to a body works plus abs class on tuesdays ( seriously the hardest class EVER! its funny that its so and corinne were cracking up cause we just couldnt do some of the things but it works you out sooo good ) then we take pilates on wednesdays and a cycling class on thursdays. I started going on walks in the morning with Becky ( a friend from my ward and neighborhood ) in the morning a couple times a week and on the mornings we dont walk I have a workout video I do here at home. I really wanted to start the HCG diet but we just dont have the money so Im just gonna try and eat really good and really low on calories...well see how it goes! Other than that ive just been doing the usual!  

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Kyle Katie and Talen Slone said...

He is getting so big!! he is adorable!! and you go girl on all those classes you taking to get back in shape :) thats awesome!