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Friday, February 19, 2010

Spring Cleaning!

The weather has been PERFECT here in arizona...I leave my doors open and we go on walks...ohhh how I love this time of year ( though it will probably only last a month or so...please longer! ) Well its also the time of Spring Cleaning! haha for some reason Im really ready to get down and dirty and really get my house in tip top shape. I started in the kitchen today, but im really trying to figure out what the best way to clean my tile and grout would be...any ideas? I would LOVE to hire someone to come and clean all of my floors but thats just not possible right now...dang it. I also have my windows and screens to wash and I am desperatly wanting to start a garden this year. I am not really sure what veges grow this time of year and then which ones grow in the summer in this heat...can anyone help me? Well Preston was my big helper haha he was following me around keeping me company...oh how i love this boy!


Daniel & Carly said...

Hey I was going to say this the last time you mentioned gardening but forgot. I have a sheet (I think specifically for here) about what veggies to plant and when! I need to give you a copy! Anyway, thanks for your number! I already saved it in my phone! We need to get together real soon! We are free most often!

Brandi said...

OH i am so jealous! I want warmth so bad! Preston looks like an awesome little helper:)

Sabrina Hulse said...

You have the cutest blog. I have no idea how to arrange my pictures like that, I love it. Preston is adorable, he is so chuncky I love it.
We should get together sometime, I heard that Spencer and Matt had a little blow out at football awhile back but I hope that is now water under the bridge. Love your Blog!!!