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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Doesnt he just look so sad?
Today we went to the doctors office...we havent been since Preston was 2 months. Me and Spencer had decided that because of the contraversy some of our family has about vaccines that we wanted to wait untill Preston was a little bigger and stronger before we started giving him shots, we both wanted him to get them for sure but just wanted to make sure he was growing healthy and that his little body would be able to handle them. We also lost my insurance because Im obviously not working anymore but just got a new plan so we decided it was time to start taking him. Weve been really lucky with him and he hasnt been sick at all...hes run little fevers and a runny nose while teething but thats it. I said a prayer that his body would take the shots well and that things would go smooth and he would remain heathy, and then we were off to see the doctor!
Things went great and I am so relieved and happy. Our Doctor is Dr. Guthrie at Gilbert Pediatrics and he is a great doctor...he sits and explains EVERYTHING to me and he makes me feel like time isnt a issue and is willing to answer all my thousand questions. One of the things Im now concerned with is that he checked his circumcision and it looked good but on one side it was kinda hooked? and he had to pull it back...( i know everyone doesnt need to know this, but like ive said before i use this as a journal type thing and I dont want to forget it ) well when we got home and i changed his diaper i could tell there was some dry blood so i tried wiping it off with a baby wipe and he scream was sooo sad. Then tonight I was changing his diaper again and he started to pee with his diaper off and he started to cry like that again but worse...i think the pee must have gotten on the part that is hurting and of course i had to wipe it off but his cry was like nothing hes ever done before. Its a IM IN PAIN cry. So Im really sad for him and I hope it gets better soon :(

Then he got his 2 month shots and some blood drawn to check and make sure hes getting enough iron. ( They never called me so that means hes good on iron! ) And he did really good with the shots...he did cry but got over it REALLY fast. And hes acted totally normal the rest of the day, so he took it really well :).

His 9 month stats are:
Height- 29" ( above average 60% )
Weight- 21 lbs 3oz ( above average 75% )
Head Circumference- 18" ( above average again but I dont remember the % )

So hes a VERY HEALTHY little boy!!! And we are SOOO grateful and VERY blessed!


TrAvIs aNd SaVaNnA said...

AH he is too cute!! Glad everything went well at the doctor!!

Jerry and Charlsye Miller said...

Oh I remember those cries. Both of my boys got "hooked" again. It about killed me when I heard them. He sure is a cute boy.

Taylor and Amanda Lines said...

awww he is getting so big! try putting vaseline on his "weewee" until it completely heals if you already havent. that'll keep his pee from burning the area that needs to heal! i loved the post about him being a squirrel that is HILARIOUS! haha