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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Splish Splash...

I dont know about you but i LOVE bath time pictures...something about the crazy hair and all the chub "uncovered" makes me smile. Im sure Ive posted some before but these were from his bath this morning. Hes starting to really let me know he wants out and trys to get himself out haha...he used to want to stay in there forever but lately hes kind of a "get the job done" and get out kind of boy! Hes also getting 2 more teeth on top, so he has a total of 4 teeth now! Hes also "mastered" the crawl and can move really quick...the baby chub is slowly starting to fade as well...which im pretty sad about but ever since he started moving his cheeks arent as droopy. Hes still the cutest little guy me and spenc have EVER layed eyes on and were so unbelievably grateful hes ours!

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Brandi said...

Oh i love bath pictures too! so cute! and it is so sad when they start losing the baby fat:( I miss Tytans rolls